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Veggie and Herbs Mix

Veggie and Herbs Mix

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A Natural, Flower, Veggies and Herb mix, suitable for Rabbits and Piggies and other small pets. This is a perfect hay topper or just as a little boost during breakfast to start their day, and includes a number of vitamins, anti-inflammatories, digestion aids, etc.

- Plantain
- Dandelion leaves
- Raspberry leaves
- Blackberry stems & leaves
- Nettle leaves
- Blue Cornflower
- Rose Petals
- Chamomile
- Marigold Flower
- Carrot Flakes
- Pea Flakes

100% Natural Ingredients - No artificial additives, colouring or preservatives

- Great for adding to hay to encourage natural foraging behaviours
- Rich in fibre
- Aids digestion and anti-inflammatory properties
- Contains vitamins C and A

Feeding Instructions: 
Treats should always be fed sparingly, especially to younger rabbits. Always supervise your rabbits when feeding them new treats or food.
Please remember to feed your bunnies in moderation: around 1 treat every 3-4 days. This product should be consumed within 3-4 weeks.

Health Notice:
The benefits stated in this description is only from our own research on the flowers used for this product. We are not nutritionists, and are not guaranteeing this product offers any health benefits. We are purely stating what we have found from our own research and our own experience. We do not make any health claims. 

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