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Bunnies In Bucks

Reggie & Lola joined us in 2023  -  Rep Discount Code: BUNNIESINBUCKS

“A little bit about us... Lola is the crazy one in our group, she is either asleep in her bed, or bouncing off the walls. Reggie our blue eyed boy is the sweetest, boy there is. He is such a doting partner who loves nothing more than tending to all of Lola’s needs. And what about bun mum? She’s just here for the cute pics of everyone’s bunnies mainly. Since starting our rabbit guardianship journey back in 2016, we have learnt so much about proper rabbit care. We are so passionate about all things bunnies and love sharing our journey, supporting others and constantly learning from our amazing community of friends. We love being a part of The Binky Bunny Club, we always get so excited when we see sneak peaks of items coming to the shop. Some of them are almost too nice to get destroyed! There are so many items to choose from, some of our favourites include the egg carton forage box, forage bombs and the themed seasonable bundles.”

The Warren Lops


Bueno, River & Daisy joined us in 2023  -  Rep Discount Code: WARRENLOPS

“Hi there, The Warren Lops here! My name is Amber; and the three fluffy faces are Bueno, River and Daisy! We live in the Cotswold, in the stunning town and capital, Cirencester. I’m 24 years old and I work full time as an Animal Technician and the bunnies work full time causing chaos and looking innocent as ever! Bueno is turning 3 this year and is the littlest of the group! His favourite thing is to binky around and eat the day away; however, he can be quite cheeky causing choas with his younger sister River who turned 1 this year! River is the sweetest and most confident and loves nothing more than head scratches and munching away on grass! These two make quite the double act! Lastly, we have Daisy who joined us last year! She is turning 4 years old this year and although she is still learning to trust us, she has the sweetest nature and is coming along leaps and bounds!

Rabbits are the most underrated and mistreated pets in the uk. I believe each rabbit deserves a home and to be loved properly and have the correct housing; I’m passionate about teaching rabbit accommodation and rights. I love teaching correct handling methods whether it’s grooming or administering oral medication to rabbits! We love the binky bunny clubs for their range of items for enrichment to toys to forage and treats! We love that everything is special in its own right, natural and safe! They also have gifts for me which keeps me just as happy as the bunnies! We recommend The Binky Bunny Club to anyone and everyone!”

Pages of Bunnies

Bobs, Casper, Benji & Pluto joined us in 2023 - Rep Discount Code: PAGESOFBUNNIES

“Hi, we're Gee and Amy, we both have been passionate about bunnies for some time now. We both had a bonded pair, which we ethically bonded together when we became partners. Our absolute favourite thing is to see the personality of the bunnies come out as they've become confident and happy in their environment. Bobs and Benji are the criminal masterminds of the group, Bobs will breaking in to the treat jar, and Benji will keep an eye out. Pluto is an angel, he is a kind gentle boy but so lazy. Casper is our special needs bun.

He tested positive for E-cuniculi and had a very serious flare up a few years back, and we've managed more minor ones that have triggered in between. He is a sweet cheeky chap and doesn't let EC hold him back. We are so thankful to have been chosen by Binky Bunny Club to be reps because we love all their items. Their toys are so perfect for entertaining the buns, I don't think we've ever had a toy they've not loved.

A couple of our guys can be such chewers, and these toys have been perfect for this behaviour. I love the fruit soaked wood toys, these give me such peace of mind for the grinding down of the buns' teeth but also being a tasty treat for them.”



Lola, Max, Peter, Bert, Albus, Ron, Lupin joined us in 2022 - Rep Discount Code: LOLAMAX

“Hi, I'm Lauren. I have 7 bunnies - Lola, Bert, Max, Peter, Ron, Albus and Lupin. All my buns are lop eared and this can cause issues, particularly dental and ear related. Peter has gone through ear disease (Otitis) and had ear canal ablation surgery as well as lots of complications. I've been sharing our journey to help educate and raise awareness of the importance of checking your rabbits ears and the signs to look out for. We've been reps for The Binky Bunny Club for nearly 2 years now & I love how everything is natural, healthy and safe for my buns. Having 7 rabbits with 7 different personalities, they all love different treats and toys. The Binky Bunny Club has something for all of them, whether it's a fling toy, a hanging toy or something stuffed with yummy forage.”

Chewbie & Sylvie


Chewbie & Sylvie joined us in 2023 - Rep Discount Code: CHEWBIESYLVIE

“Hello, I'm Amy and I am guardian to two beautiful floofs called Chewbie and Sylvie. We adopted Sylvie to bond with our complex lad Chewbie and they have been inseparable ever since. Bunny guardianship has not always been easy, far from it, but the new and lasting friendships made within the bunny community are priceless. I love bunnies so much and have immersed myself in their world, learning every step of the way and I am so privileged to be a bunny guardian. I am passionate about good rabbit care and helping rabbit rescues by regularly fundraising. I am also on a fundraising committee for a rescue and provide marketing graphics for another, so my life is very centred around all things bunny! I love TheBinkyBunnyClub as their enrichment and toys are always innovative, fun and oh so pretty and it’s a pleasure to see my bunnies having fun with their products. Victoria is so lovely; she is an incredibly kind business owner who regularly supports rescues. Our shared ethics resonate and it is a pleasure to be her rep!”



Bonnie joined us in 2023 - Rep Discount Code: BONNIE

“My name’s Shannon and myself and Bonnie are from Glasgow, Scotland. I’ve owned bunnies since I was in primary school and have always loved them so when I started living on my own my first pet choice was a bunny. I’ve had Bonnie since she was a baby and she is now 3.5 years old. She is my mini therapet and often has a bigger attitude than myself, especially during a grooming session. She loves midnight and early morning zoomies and she loves to binky. Her favourite food is banana (bum twitches incoming) and she would eat a whole parsley plant if I allowed it. Bonnie came from a breeder and was in a small hutch with lots of other bunnies around. When I first got her I knew I didn’t want her to be confined to a small space so Bonnie has been a free roam bunny since she came home with me. Free roaming is something I strongly believe in and will always advocate for. The best part is seeing how free she can be (unleash the true bunny speed).

Bonnie is a minilop and requires a lot of attention when it comes to grooming and vet check ups. She has lots and lots of fluff which needs regular attention and Bonnie gets very grumpy at my grooming tools but can always be bribed with some treats. Although she will definitely still have a tantrum or two. We love being reps for The Binky Bunny Club because they have an array of bunny and small animal toys that are totally safe for your pets. We love all the unique toys to choose from, there is something for every-bun and every season! We are so grateful for being able to support and promote a small business and The Binky Bunny Club put so much time and effort into their creations- they have a true passion for small animals! P.S. Bonnies favourite item from The Binky Bunny Club are the Palm Leaf Bowls.”

The Wheeky Blinders


Bex and her 10 Guineapigs joined us in 2023 - Rep Discount Code: WHEEKYBLINDERS

“Hi I'm Becki and I have 11 guinea pigs. All are adopted from local rescues and I now foster for The Potteries Guinea Pig Rescue. I advocate for all round proper care and try and show this on my Instagram page and through my small pet boarding business using every opportunity as an educational opportunity.
As well as guinea pigs I have a hamster and tortoise too. We love The Binky Bunny Club because it's all natural and healthy, everything is carefully planned to be as good as it gets and provide enriching fun for small furries.”

The Bun Sisters & their Brother


Dandelion, Willow & Ben joined us in 2022 - Rep Discount Code: BUNSISTERS

“There are 5 of us that make up Thebunsistersandtheirbrothers! Mumma Amy, bunnies Dandelion & Willow who are biological sisters & minilops, our big boy Ben mumma rescued & Maci cat. Mumma is very passionate about welfare every bunny deserves the best life and I like showing the reality of bun ownership on my account so prospective bun parents know about all the ups and downs of owning bunnies. My girls have overly sensitive stomachs likely due to bad breeding! I like to show & raise awareness for gut issues, potential minilop issues & to stop supporting breeders. We have been repping for The Binky Bunny Club for awhile now and love it. Victoria is so kind which makes repping a pleasure. I love everything is always safe & so much time thought and imagination goes into everything. My guys have enjoyed many many TBBC products over the years!”



Clover/ Gwen joined us in 2022 - Rep Discount Code: CLOVERGWEN

"Hello! I’m Lily and I’m bunny mammy to Clover (Clo-clo). Clover is a french lop rescue. She survived Myxomatosis when she was younger, but that’s pretty much all I know about her! She’s a fan of apple and corriander, and enjoys munching them from my hand. So far, she has filled me with joy again since the horribly shocking loss of my princess girlie Gwennie. Clover came into my life about 5 months after losing Gwengwen. Prior to Gwen, I cared for my poorly baby Woolfie, and I seem to be drawn to bunnies who are needing TLC or are unwanted. Every bunny is so deserving of love, it breaks my heart to see them neglected. I nursed my Gwengwen back to health following her head-tilt which was why she was unwanted. After some love and care, Gwennie made a full recovery, and went on to live a hoppy life as a full-time princess with me, until her passing. Gwennie’s passing hit me horribly hard, but online bun-parents were so kind and genuinely helped me through some very tough times. I love The BinkyBunnyClub because I know care and compassion has gone into making every product. My favourites are the seasonal launches (particularly autumn!) because as reps, we help to come up with ideas, and each launch is so unique and creative. Plus, all the ingredients The BinkyBunnyClub uses are SAFE for our furbabies and aim to help them live the best and yummiest life possible! I also think The BinkyBunnyClub does fabulous enrichment, perhaps the best on offer to bunparents! Additionally, Victoria is so very lovely and friendly, and will do all she can if you have any issues with any of her products - but why would you?! They’re amazing!"

Bunnies & Burrows


Bunnies & Burrows joined us in 2023 - Rep Discount Code: BUNNIESBURROWS

“My name is Elle, from Bunnies & Burrows! I have 10 rescue rabbits along with a rescue dwarf hamster. Biscuit, thumper, Bramble, tac , Hope, Tink, Toulouse, Blossom, George , Leo and flounder x 4 of my buns have medical needs; Biscuit and bramble have arthritis so are on long term meds , Thumper has mega colon and Hope has chronic end stage dental disease, and always try to share awareness content regarding this! I’m very passionate about rabbit welfare. My animals are my world. I’m a foster for the bunnyjackpot foundation which is a rescue that specialise in special needs rabbits. We have a foster bun and a foster hamster.”

Marley & Millie


Marley & Millie joined us in 2023 - Rep Discount Code: MARLEYMILLIE

“We are mini lops Marley and Millie and our favourite toys are palm leaf and hyacinth. Our favourite binky bunny club toys are the forage ball picnic and bunny snuffle mat. Millie is a rescue bun from a local small rescue who we got to help support Marley with his health issues - he has teeth and ear problems! Bonding has been pretty easy for them so far. Bunmum has had house bunnies for 14 years now! She couldn’t imagine life without a bunny because they make her smile even on the toughest days. We love the binky bunny club because everything is safe and healthy for us and fun too.”

The Spring Rabbits

 The Spring Rabbits joined us in 2023  Rep Discount Code: SPRINGRABBITS

“I’m Natasha, bun mum to Bella (5), Pippin (4) & Teddy (3). The thing I love the most about having bunnies is their personalities, they are so intelligent, funny & inquisitive. I love the Binky Bunny Club as every item has had so much thought & love put into it. Rabbit enrichment is very to me as I want to keep my buns happy and keep their minds active. They have so many themes throughout the year to keep us wanting more! My buns have loved everything we’ve had so far. The spring picnic is our favourite – it’s so beautiful.

Lops, Dogs & Hogs

Teddy & Bonnies joined us in 2023 - Rep Discount Code: TEDDYBONNIE

“I’m Lauren, Bun Mum to mini lop siblings Bonnie and Teddy. These two are absolutely adorable and love nothing more than pestering us for treats! Bonnie and Teddy were separated at 8 weeks old so they could both be neutered. After their recovery, we used 24/7 bonding, expanding their shared space and adding more items. Bonding can be a very stressful time, so starting in a small space really helped their initial reunion. As they are mini lops, we regularly check their ears and watch for signs of issues to do with their flatter faces, such as watery eyes, teething problems, sneezing. During Bonnie’s neuter, there was a complication causing her internal wound to reopen and her digestive system haemorrhaged which was rectified with another operation. We started a recovery process which entailed daily visits to our vets over the course of the next 10 days. She pulled through and is thriving! Despite this, neutering your rabbit is so important for their overall health and is something we advocate for on our socials.
We are huge fans of The Binky Bunny Club, so many unique and wonderfully creative products to keep your babies entertained and busy.”