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Mystery Box Bundle

Not sure what to get? Our Mystery Box Bundle offers a wide range of different toys, Forage and Enrichment that your little companion might not have tried before, with toys of a wide range of different materials.

If there are any specific toy materials you know your rabbit dislikes, please let us know and we will choose toys that don't include that certain material, or even swap it out for something else!

Choose between Small, Medium and Large. The different sizes have different price ranges which also ranges in amount or size of toys. Choose the one that's right for you!

Choose Mystery Box

Who We Are

We are a small business based in the UK and established in 2020.

We set up after noticing that a lot of popular chain pet stores offered a lot of unsuitable treats and toys for small pets. From this we wanted to start something that would help raise
awareness for proper rabbit care and providing healthy, yummy and especially safe products for rabbits.

We focus mainly on rabbits, but some of our products are suitable for other small animals such as Guinea pigs as well.

As a small business, we love supporting other small businesses. We know how much time and hard work is dedicated to small businesses, so we like to show our appreciation to those who also provide the same level of proper rabbit care.

Our Instagram is
@TheBinkyBunnyClub – this is where we keep you posted on any new product
launches, updates, sales or events.

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