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Treat Puzzle Enrichment

Treat Puzzle Enrichment

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Perfect puzzle box for hiding snacks and allowing your rabbit, guinea pig or chinchilla to figure out how to get to the snack hidden inside the box!
These are ideal for Enrichment. It encourages natural behaviours and stimulates their learning skills, and helps prevent destructive behaviours by entertaining your bunnies and making them think!

- Great for keeping your pet busy during the day or night
- Enhances natural foraging behaviours
- Stimulates thinking and allows them to work for their food

Safety Notice:

Always supervise your rabbits when giving them new treats or toys. If the toy is getting destroyed, make sure there aren't any sharp bits sticking out that your pet could hurt themselves on. As the owner of your pet, once the toy is in your possession, it is your responsibility to make sure and keep an eye on the toy regularly that it is in the right condition so to not hurt your pet.

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