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Summer Ocean Snuffle Mat

Summer Ocean Snuffle Mat

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Snuffle Mats are a great way to encourage foraging and natural behaviours in rabbits and guinea pigs!
It's also a good alternative for those small furries who tends to gobble their food up a bit too quick, and instead with snuffle mats they'll be eating slower and lessen the risk of choking on food.
It can be used as a fun way to earn their breakfast or dinner, or just for general fun play time and keeping them busy!

This Snuffle Mat is approximately 25-30cm
Great for all rabbit sizes and breeds

The purpose of the snuffle mats helps to stimulate your pet and allow them to use their senses to work out how to retrieve their treats, as well as it being a fun way of learning new skills

Please always supervise your pets when giving them new toys
Do not leave the snuffle mat with your pet and instead remove the snuffle mat once all the food is gone, until the next use. This way your pet does not associate the snuffle mat with one of their everyday toys and become bored easily or damage the mat. This way, it's still an exciting fun way to earn their food next time.

If the snuffle mat need to be cleaned, place in a delicate mesh wash bag and place in your washing machine on a 30c delicate wash/ low spin wash. Do not add any wash powder or liquid as this can deter the smell of treats away.
Do not tumble dry. Air Dry only.

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