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Pineapple is a super yummy and sweet treat for your little ones! Since they are natural fruit, they contain natural sugars, and we do not recommend giving this product every day. This is a natural treat, so should be fed in moderation. Spread it across their hay - Rabbits are natural foragers and this is a great way to encourage those behaviours.

- 100% Pineapple

- Great for adding to hay to encourage natural foraging behaviours
- Contains vitamins C which can boost the immune system
- Pineapple is believed to help a rabbit have better teeth and skin, as well as lower blood cholesterol levels. Please read Health Notice below.

Feeding Instructions: 
Treats should always be fed sparingly, especially to younger rabbits. Always supervise your rabbits when feeding them new treats or food.
Please remember to feed your bunnies in moderation: around 1 treat every 3-4 days. This product should be consumed within 3-4 weeks.

Health Notice:
The benefits stated in this description is only from our own research on pineapple for rabbits. We are not nutritionists, and are not guaranteeing this product offers any health benefits. We are purely stating what we have found from our own research and our own perspective. We are not making any health claims.

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