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Grey Tunnel (50cm)

Grey Tunnel (50cm)

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This tunnel is a must have for your bunnies set up! It's great as a fun enrichment for them to run around & through and play with, with 1 "peep hole", as well as being a cosy hideaway.

It is extremely durable. This tunnel does not make any scrunching noise like a lot of other tunnels from local pet shops, so it is less likely for any noise to excite your furry companion and therefore less likely for them to bite and chew into it.

- Grey

- L 50cm x H 26cm

- Encourages natural behaviours 
- Fun addition to your pet's enclosure to run through and hop over
- General fun play time and keeping busy

Safety Notice:
Always supervise your pets when giving them new toys and enrichment accessories. If the toy is getting destroyed, make sure there aren't any sharp bits sticking out that your pet could hurt themselves on. As the owner of your pet, once the toy is in your possession, it is your responsibility to make sure and keep an eye on the toy regularly that it is in the right condition so to not hurt your pet.

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