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Chewy Cuppie Cake

Chewy Cuppie Cake

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Our Chewy Cuppie Cake is approximately 20cm long, and is a great addition to your furry companion's toy collection! It not only contains vine and palm leaf, which is widely popular amongst rabbit and guinea pigs, but is also stuffed with a mix of leaves and flowers throughout!

- Vine ball (Filled with Rose petals)
- Rattan Wicker ball (Filled with Marigold)
- Pine Wood with pet-safe dye
- Palm leaf basket (Filled with Leaves mix)

- Great for keeping your pet busy during the day or night
- Contains fibre rich forage, aids digestion and anti-inflammatory properties
- Helps to keep teeth trimmed

Safety Notice:

100% Natural Ingredients - No artificial additives, colouring or preservatives.

Always supervise your rabbits when giving them new treats or toys. If the toy is getting destroyed, make sure there aren't any sharp bits sticking out that your pet could hurt themselves on. As the owner of your pet, once the toy is in your possession, it is your responsibility to make sure and keep an eye on the toy regularly that it is in the right condition so to not hurt your pet.

Feeding Instructions:

Treats should always be fed sparingly, especially to younger rabbits. Always supervise your rabbits when feeding them new treats or food.
Please remember to feed your bunnies in moderation: around 1 treat every 3-4 days. This product should be consumed within 3-4 weeks.

Health Notice:
We do not make any health claims. The benefits stated in this description is only from our own research on the flowers used for this product. We are not nutritionists, and are not guaranteeing this product offers any health benefits. We are purely stating what we have found from our own research and our own experience.

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