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Boho Rainbow

Boho Rainbow

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The perfect addition to you Boho themed bunny or guinea pig enclosure or room!

A safer, easier, cleaner and more attractive alternative to a Hay rack!
The hay bag has metal clips to attach to your Small pet’s pen/ bar grids.

After struggling to find a good quality Hay bag with a cute design, that also didn’t have big cut-out windows that let the hay fall out, we decided to make our own!
Our Hay bags are made with a cute design, a smaller window and metal clips so it’s easier for you to attach them to your desired area.
The reason we have smaller cut-out windows where your bun’s or other small pet can eat from, is because when you put the hay in to the hay bag, it more often than not, makes the hay bag ‘expand’ on its sides, so therefore the cut-out windows expand and become bigger. With a smaller cut-out window, when the hay is inside, the windows don’t expand so much that all the hay falls straight out! Hope this makes sense! 😊

Care Information:

These should be hand washed only.
They can possibly be washed on ‘Delicates/ Silk’ if necessary. IF YOU DO decide to machine wash, we strongly recommend placing it in a sealable wash bag. Air drying is recommended afterwards. Do not tumble dry as there is ahigh chance the hay bag may shrink.


We try to ship your items as soon as possible and all UK Orders tend to be shipped between 1-5 working days. However, depending on demand that week, we have put the shipping time on 1-2 weeks as this was the next option after 1-5 days!
We have taken extra care to ensure that there are no lose threads or openings to ensure the safety of your small pets, but please check regularly for wear and tear.
Please bear in mind, if you have a small pet that likes to pull at hay racks/ bags, and the hay bag tears early on, this is not necessarily down to production. We always try our best in ensuring it’s the best quality for you and your little one, and sometimes it’s not our fault. However, we can also appreciate that sometimes it is down to production. If this is the case, please send us a message and we’ll be happy to help. We will need proof of this.

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