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As Rabbit owners ourselves, we know how exciting yet nerve-racking is can be when you get your first bun! So we want to provide your with as much help and information as possible before and during your bunny-pawrent journey. We will have monthly Blog Posts posted here, on topics ranging from Health to Behaviours! These will be announced on our socials, so make sure to follow us by Clicking Here!

For those new to Rabbits

Rabbit Starter Pack

New bunny owner? Here is your 'all-you-need' starter pack when getting a Rabbit, from enclosure, cost and what to expect

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E-Cuniculi, GI Stasis and More...

Common Illnesses & Diseases in Rabbits

Familiarise yourself with the potential illnesses in rabbits, and the top tell-tale signs of when your rabbit is sick, and when they might be due a vet visit

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Hay is always the answer

How should a healthy bunny's poop look like?

Read up on how your rabbit's poop should look like, and when it might be time to make changes to their diet

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Rabbit & Piggie Starter Pack